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What is Rose Gold?

I love the color pink from flowers to rosé  to rose gold jewelry. If you are like me you never really stopped to think about Rose Gold and how it gets is color. 

So what is Rose Gold?

Rose Gold is a blend of yellow gold, copper and silver. 24 karate gold is too soft in its pure state for jewelry. Mixing it with other metals makes it more durable, and the mixture with the silver and copper gives it the gorgeous pink color.

Does it Tarnish?

No Rose Gold doesn't tarnish, but it can become darker as it ages. This can take many years and gives it a vintage look. 


History of Rose Gold

It is believed that Carl Faberge, a Russian, used Rose Gold in the early 19th century in his Faberge Eggs. Because of this it was called "Russian Gold"

It wasn't until the 1920s that rose gold started becoming popular in the United States. During this time rose gold engagement rings were popular. Many consider rose gold to be a symbol of romance, due to its stunning pink hues.


How to Style?

Wondering what goes well with Rose Gold? Well pretty much everything. It looks great on all skin tones. You can easily pair it with yellow or white gold or any metal. If you are looking to add a timeless classic you can't go wrong with a rose gold piece. 


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