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What is a Travel Ring

So you have spent months planning an awesome vacation some place you have always want to go. You have the hotels and tickets booked, your itinerary is done, and you are super excited.

You land and you look down and realize you are wearing your engagement ring, now the rest of the trip all you can think about is why you didn't leave it at home.

What is a travel ring? Pretty simple, it's a ring that replaces your engagement ring while you are traveling. 

There are lots of benefits to a travel ring:

Since they are cheaper than a diamond engagement ring you don't have too worried if it gets lost or stolen. If you are moving hotels a lot, the last thing you want to worry about is leaving it on the night stand or in the hotel safe.

And while you can be subject to theft or robbery at home, leaving flashy expensive jewelry at home is a good idea. The less attention you can bring to yourself while traveling the better. A travel ring is a great idea to show your commitment but with less bling.

Then there is wear and tear on your engagement ring. What happens if you find yourself at a beach and you end up in the ocean? Think that salt water is great on your diamond? Nope. Help preserve your real diamond from the elements and bring a travel ring instead.

So if you haven't gotten a travel ring for your vacation yet what are you waiting for. Check out our selection of gorgeous rings HERE