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Rhodium Plating - What is it?

So you are looking for a new ring and you find one you love, but it says Rhodium plated.  Not sure what Rhodium Plated is. Well keep reading and find out!


First off plating is when a piece of jewelry made of one metal, in our case 925 Sterling Silver, is covered with a layer of another metal. At Carly Rose Butik you will find Rhodium plated, Rose Gold Plated, and Yellow Gold plated jewelry.

More about Rhodium:

Rhodium can be found on the periodic table - Rh 45 - if you really wanted to know. Rhodium is part of the Platinum group and is responsible for the shine you see on many rings. HELLO increased SHINE!!

It is also enhances the durability of the metal and helps to protect against scratches, dings, and tarnishing. 

Rhodium also hypoallergenic, of if you have a nickel or brass allergy Rhodium plating is a good option for you. 

Plating does wear over time. Make sure to remove your jewelry before swimming, extensive washing, and coming into contact with any chemicals - including hairspray.

Don't for get to check out our selection Rhodium Plated Rings HERE. I'm sure you will find one that your love.