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Minimalist Jewelry Style


Do you ever wish you were a super trendy person? Who can go big and bold, to Boho, to classic all in one day?

I used to wish that, but as much as I tried in my younger years, it never came to be.

My personal style can be summed up like this: 

I have a less is more approach when it comes to jewelry and clothing. I want pieces that fit both my personality and lifestyle. I tend to wear everyday daintier pieces that are extremely versatile and hold sentimental value. My goal is to have pieces that can go from the office, to a night out, or even outside for a hike with out much effort.

Here is what my minimalist jewelry box looks like:

5 pairs of earrings:

-diamond studs, pearl studs, half hoop rose gold studs, 2 pair of dangling 

4 Necklaces:

- 1 gold chain (I have worn this since I was 18), HOPE necklace in Rose Gold, 2 strands of pearls

5 Rings:

- Engagement ring, my grandmothers wedding ring, my other grandmothers ring, my great grandmothers ring, a travel ring

1 Watch and My Grandmothers set of Sterling Silver Bracelets


If you are in to daintier, more minimalistic, simple jewelry you have come to the right place. Check out our selection on our home page.