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How to Respond

So you love your ring, but you are worried about how you will respond when people ask if it is real. Not to worry we have you covered with some of our favorite responses.


1. You can tell people why you chose a simulated diamond. Ethical, environmental, financial, are all 100% legit reasons! Be proud of your choice.

2. If they ask if it is real, you can always respond with "yes". Did your fiance propose? Did you say yes? Are you engaged? Then your ring is real.

3. You can politely remind them that it isn't the ring that maters, it is the love behind it that is.  Why do material things equate to love? (in case you were wondering they don't)

4. Tell them you found a ring that fits your personality, style and practicality.

5. Ask them if it really matters? 


Some funny but maybe not so appropriate:

1. Tell them you are saving for kittens/puppies/fluffy bunnies.

2. Tell them it isn't but your boobs are

3. He went to Jared's 

4.Tell them you picked it out and love it

5. Ask them why did they ask??


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