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Are Affordable Rings Right for You??

We get it. Simulated Diamonds aren't for everyone, but just because your BFF has to have the biggest, clearest, diamond, doesn't mean you have to or want to have one too.

So how do you know if a simulated/affordable ring is for you? Ask yourself this questions:

Does the diamond ring hold any significant value to your relationship?

If the answer is yes and you believe the diamond shows how much he loves you. Then go with the traditional diamond, no shame in that!

If the answer is no, looking into an affordable/simulated diamond option could be right for you.

There is no right and wrong. 

And let's be real, finances play a part in choosing a ring as well. There is no denying engagement and wedding rings are EXPENSIVE!

You should ask yourself:

Would I be happier spending or saving the money for something else? 

If you answer NO, awesome find that perfect diamond ring.

If you answered YES, you may want to consider what you would rather spend your money on and check out a simulated diamond ring.

One more thing to consider.

What/who are you going to will it to when you pass away (or maybe you want to be buried in it).


For me, I don't have any kids. So there goes that. I do have some nieces and nephews. But I would feel bad leaving my engagement ring to one of them and potentially feeling like I have a favorite. 

Having an affordable ring helps with this. Yes its a gorgeous ring, but I don't feel bad leaving it to one of my nephews or having them sell or donate it. 


Just a few things to think about when looking at your options. Don't forget to check out our 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry HERE